York Fighting Coronavirus Together (YFCT)

York Fighting Coronavirus Together (YFCT) is a charity dedicated to working with everyone, including individuals, resident groups, religious groups, parish councils, charities, the Council – specifically to help coordinate and inform about COVID-19.

This site is intended as a live collection of resources on the web, accessible to those on Facebook as well as those on other social media sites and those on none.

The vast majority of local activity, discussion, and general content can be found in the York COVID-19 Community Facebook groups, which primarily support the work of local organisations, the NHS, and the City of York Council volunteer and distribution network.

The YFCT Facebook page and the central York COVID-19 Community Hub on Facebook together with local pages for each of the 24 districts of York are full of useful information about keeping safe, volunteering and York businesses who are offering deliveries and other essential services.

Shopping Help

Coronavirus may mean that some people are unable to get out to the shops…


List of organisations offering safe deliveries of a variety of goods in and around York.


Useful information from other public websites, including the Government, NHS and Age.UK


Information about local trades and services that are currently available in and around York.