Local Bishopthorpe Services

Collection of links to businesses offering essential services to people in Bishopthorpe (and beyond).

Please note that this is provided as information and is not in any way a recommendation.
These are listed in alphabetical order and are as up-to-date as we can be.
If you have any queries, corrections, additions – or deletion requests – please let us know.

Ainsty AlesHome delivery & Drive through
Bishopthorpe PharmacyCall 01904 707169
Bish ‘n’ ChipsFree delivery Tue-Sat if self-isolating
But FirstWeekend deliveries only
Co-operative7am to 8pm every day
R H Dixon & SonsCall 01904 706205
Early Bird MilkmanMilk and more
Flower StudioCall 07739 351303
FruitiqueCall 07801 826279
Listers News & Post OfficeCall 01904 706579
Mark Wright MilkmanCall 07595 416074
MilliesGrocery deliveries
Ye Old Sun InnShop and takeaway
Scott LockEmergency locksmith service
Tesco8am-10pm. Priority access 9-10am, Mon,Wed,Fri
Treeboom BreweryDelivery and sales
WoodmanDeliver soup on Wednesdays, but not open otherwise
Marcia InnCLOSED
Sports and Social ClubCLOSED
Tamar’s Toy BoxCLOSED